Can You Use Moving Blankets for Soundproofing? Here’s the Ultimate Answer

Can You Use Moving Blankets:- Moving blankets (additionally known as furnishings pads or transferring pads) are a particular type of blanket made to be wrapped round fragile gadgets and supply an additional layer of assist as you progress them from one place to a different. 

Their sole function is to guard no matter merchandise you wrapped with them and make sure that it will get to its new vacation spot not solely in a single piece however with none scratches or different damages. 

That’s why transferring blankets are so thick and heavy. They have to be to guard what you’ve put inside them.

That’s additionally why, not like conventional blankets, transferring blankets should not made simply with cotton. They both use polyester fiber or a mix of polyester and cotton (or different non-synthetic materials.)

(This is your first trace about whether or not transferring blankets are good for soundproofing, by the way in which. )

You see, polyester fiber has a powerful excessive tensile energy. That’s good as a result of it implies that it could possibly function a superb sound-absorbing materials.

Unfortunately, there may be additionally a “but…

I’ll clarify whereas answering the principle query.


That stated, the outcomes would, almost definitely, not be what you’d count on. 

Let me clarify. 

Soundproof blankets (or transferring blankets) have sure sound-absorbing qualities. So, they’ll dampen the sound, deaden it, and even take up a few of it and cut back its quantity or vitality. 

However, that’s primarily true once you’re attempting to enhance the acoustics of the room. 

(That’s the “but…” we’ve talked about earlier.)

And so, in case your objective is to cancel noise in a room, then no, transferring blankets wouldn’t present ample noise canceling.

To soundproof, these blankets must both take up sound waves as they attempt to go them or block their journey utterly. 

Unfortunately, transferring blankets do not need such qualities. 

What transferring blankets assist with is decreasing noise reflection, sound reverberations, and echo by sound absorption. 

In brief, they work very very similar to acoustic blankets or acoustic foam panels and assist enhance the acoustics in a room. 

Because of that, they’re an ideal answer if you wish to deaden or dampen the sound in a room, a house recording studio, a podcast room, and many others. Or if you wish to cut back the reverb and echo in your music listening room and eventually hear the sound clearly however haven’t any price range for skilled soundproofing panels. 

In these instances, you can simply hold your transferring blankets on the partitions and soundproof the room within the course of.

(Later on this information, I’ll present you different methods to enhance acoustics in a room with transferring blankets.)

Why, then, everybody says that you can soundproof a room with transferring blankets?

The cause is that these blankets feel and look as if that they had soundproofing qualities. 

For one, transferring blankets are thick and heavy. That’s why we use them to guard furnishings and different gadgets when transferring them from one place to a different. 

But their weight and thickness additionally make transferring blankets really feel as in the event that they have been capable of block sound. 

Granted, transferring blankets can take up a few of the sound waves. Because of that, they’ll cut back the quantity of noise in a room. As you’ll shortly see, you should use them in a room to forestall a few of the noise from coming in. 

But they aren’t capable of block the sound utterly. 

When to make use of transferring blankets for soundproofing, then?

In spite of all that we’ve mentioned above, there are a number of conditions the place transferring blankets might assist or help your soundproofing efforts.

1. Block outdoors noise coming by the window

It’s an unlucky proven fact that in relation to soundproofing, home windows are sometimes the weakest level. They present solely a skinny barrier between your room and the skin world, but they typically take a big portion of the wall. And meaning loads of house for the skin noise to get in. 

One of the best methods to soundproof a window is by hanging a sound-absorbing materials in entrance of it. Its function is to deflect any outdoors noise that’s attempting to disturb your peace. 

Typically, we use acoustic or soundproofing curtains for that. However, in the event you’re on a price range, you too can use transferring blankets to soundproof the window this manner. 

2. Soundproof doorways

Doors supply weak resistance to sound. After all, most doorways in the home are both hole inside or have massive gaps between them and the door body. And that’s loads of alternative for the noise to both are available or go away the room. 

So, one other method you can use transferring blankets for soundproofing is by masking the door once you want it. 

This, naturally, wouldn’t be a super everlasting answer. 

But once you’re finding out or want that quiet time for your self and must quickly block the noise from coming into your room, then hanging transferring blankets on the doorways may simply give you that. 

3. Spread them on noisy picket flooring to attenuate sound transmission

Then, there’s the problem of noisy floors upstairs. Particularly when you’re dwelling in a home and generally wish to sit in quiet downstairs whereas others rumble about within the room upstairs. 

You can hear their footsteps. You can hear children taking part in with their toys on the ground, and so on. 

Laying out a stable, thick carpet would remedy the issue, after all. But a.) it’s possible you’ll not wish to have carpets upstairs or b.) you’ll be able to’t afford them proper now. 

This is one other scenario the place masking a loud space with a shifting blanket would supply an answer. 

Remember, shifting blankets are thick and heavy. They will soak up a number of the impact noise, serving to to soundproof the ground. 

Can You Use Moving Blankets for Soundproofing Here’s the Ultimate Answer
Can You Use Moving Blankets for Soundproofing Here’s the Ultimate Answer

What about utilizing shifting blankets to soundproof a ceiling, then?

This is one other factor you will have heard about shifting blankets – That hanging them on the ceiling will assist soundproof it. 

Now, though I’ve by no means tried this technique, I don’t assume that utilizing shifting blankets on the ceiling would make any distinction. 

First of all, you recognize already that shifting blankets don’t supply a lot resistance to sound coming in through the wall. The similar can be true for ceilings. 

And taking a look at it from the room acoustics standpoint, when you’ve already coated partitions with shifting blankets or acoustic panels, then there actually is not any must deal with the ceiling in the identical means. Your wall therapy will cut back a lot of the sound reverberations anyway. 

What to search for when deciding on a transferring blanket for soundproofing?

You already know that transferring blankets wouldn’t be capable to block a lot of sound from coming in via a wall. But you additionally know that you may use them to

  • scale back the quantity of doors noise coming in via home windows or doorways, 
  • Deaden the noisy ground upstairs, and 
  • Reduce sound reverberations and enhance the room’s acoustics. 

So, to shut this information, let me share with you a listing of qualities it is best to take into account when deciding on a transferring blanket for these goals above.

Density and thickness

From the soundproofing viewpoint, the thicker and denser the transferring blanket is, the better its sound-absorbing capability. Also, if you will discover transferring blankets made not solely with polyester fiber but in addition containing fiber wool, mineral wool, or Rock wool, then these supplies would solely add to the blanket’s soundproofing capability.


Similarly, the most effective transferring blankets for soundproofing are people who have a fiber-y texture on the aspect that’s going to be dealing with the supply of the sound.


Naturally, the larger the blanket, the better space of the wall it would cowl. Ideally, it must be larger than the area you’re masking so that there isn’t an area around it for the sound to return via. 

To wrap it up…

(No pun supposed, by how)

  • Moving blankets are thick and heavy polyester or polyester/cotton-based blankets used to guard objects and furnishings as you progress them from one place to a different one. 
  • Although transferring blankets feel and look like strong soundproofing supplies, their capacity to dam sound from coming in is proscribed. In most circumstances, they wouldn’t forestall you from hearing neighbors through the wall, for instance. 
  • However, these blankets supply nice sound-absorbing qualities and assist enhance the acoustics in a room. 
  • Similarly, as a result, they will soak up sound, you need to use them to soundproof home windows and doorways and scale back the quantity of impression noise from the ground upstairs. 

And that’s is…

Now whether or not you need to use transferring blankets for soundproofing, when to make use of them, and the way. 

Good luck with your soundproofing tasks!

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