Are Landlords Responsible for Soundproofing?

Are Landlords Responsible for Soundproofing

Are Landlords:- Soundproofing is an efficient option to restrict the quantity of noise that enters or escapes an area. Since noise complaints are a typical downside amongst landlords and their tenants, it is smart to soundproof properties. However, are our landlords certain by regulation to supply soundproofing? Landlords usually are not liable for soundproofing. However, … Read more

Are Landlords Responsible for Fixing Squeaky Floors?

Are Landlords Responsible for Fixing Squeaky Floors

Are Landlords:- Noisy and annoying, squeaky flooring is a supply of frustration for everybody. When confronted with this downside, you may end up questioning whether or not you will get your landlord to repair the difficulty. But are landlords liable for fixing squeaky flooring of their rental properties? Landlords are solely liable for fixing squeaky … Read more